Health & Social Care Management

Health and Social Care Levels 3 & 4 Certificate and Diploma consist of 8 Units made up of 4 Core Units (including the choice of specialist route) and 4 Optional Units. Candidates can also undertake additional units, although these are not required to complete the qualification.

For Level 3 Core Units: UNIT 31 Promote Effective Communication for and about individuals, UNIT 32 Promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security in the working environment, UNIT 33 Reflect on and develop your practice, and UNIT 35 Promote choice, well-being and the protection of all individuals. Plus 4 Optional Units.

For Level 4 Core Units: Health and Social Care (Adults) units are UNIT 41 Use and develop methods and systems to communicate record and report, UNIT 42 Contribute to the development and maintenance of healthy and safe practices in the working environment, UNIT 43 Take responsibility for the continuing professional development of self and others and UNIT 45 Develop practices which promote choice, well-being and protection of all individuals. Plus Four Optional Units.

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